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JIA Inc. Monolithic Cookware Wok with Lid

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JIA Inc. Monolithic Cookware Wok with Lid

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Short Description

The JIA Inc. Monolithic Wok is an authentic Chinese cookware made of

traditional carbon steel. The Monolithic Wok reacts quickly to heat adjustments. You are always in control, whether you need to bring the heat up in a snap or rapidly cool down. Not only you can spend less time cooking, you will never overcook you food again. The Wok even releases healthy iron ions during cooking. Prepare your favorite dish with the Monolithic Wok to experience the easy and authentic way of Chinese cooking.


• Seasoning a new wok before first use.

1. Clean the wok with hot water and wipe it bottom dry. Fill it with water, bring it to boil for 10 minutes and then pour the water out.

2. Scrub the wok with water and a coir brush. Do not use detergent. After cleaning, dry the wok dry it over medium-to-low heat.

3. Wipe the inside of the wok with a piece of lard by drawing circles starting from the inside and moving outwards and allow the grease to evenly spread inside the wok.

4. Repeat wiping until no more filthy grease appears. Pour off the slop oil and lard. Wash the wok with hot water and then dry it over small-to-medium heat. Do not use detergent.

5. Pour cooking oil into the wok and wipe it evenly inside the wok. Wipe off the excess grease to complete seasoning.

6. Clean the lid with water and dry the vapor with the residual heat from the stove.

• Wok maintenance: Regular care recommended to maintain a natural protective layer.

1. After cleaning the wok body, dry it over medium-to-small heat, and apply a thin layer of edible oil evenly inside the wok to form a protective layer of oil to prevent rusting.

• Wash the wok with hot water and a coir brush. Once clean, dry it over medium-to-small heat or wipe it dry with a dry towel. The lid can be dried with the residual heat from the stove after turning off the stove to prevent rusting.

• Wash and dry the Chinese turner with a mild detergent before initial use and after each use.


• Not applicable for dishwasher, oven and microwave ovens.

• Please follow the seasoning instructions for the first use.

• Do not heat an empty wok for prolonged period of time. It is recommended to add water or oil when heating.

• After use, it is normal if a paper towel wipes black; this is due to the natural browning of the wok's protective layer of oil.

• Clean the wok immediately after each use. Use of detergent is not suggested; clean the wok with warm water and a brush.

• Do not leave ingredients in the wok overnight, or soak the wok in water for a long time to avoid the protective layer of oil from disappearing.

• Store in a dry environment when not in use for a long time.

• The iron pan is made of natural materials, and the tiny pores on the surface are not flaws and will not affect the function.