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JIA Inc. was established in Hong Kong in 2007 to create a new direction in the modern home-ware market.

Across Cultural Boundaries
While based on Asian culture, JIA Inc. welcomes discussion and different points of views. JIA Inc. projects are often created through the combination of this dialogue and with the identification of objects that are relevant to both the Asian and Western dining table.

Across The Boundaries of Tradition & Modernity
JIA Inc. continuously attempts to strike a balance between the old and the new and aims to re-interpret traditional Asian materials and craftsmanship through modern design typologies and creative thinking.

Across Living Spaces
JIA Inc. believes that home objects should not be defined by living spaces but instead should fit many different modern lifestyles and environments: a casserole in the kitchen is also a focal point in the dining room during gatherings at home and a lovely bowl has as much reason to create a scene on your balcony as it has on the breakfast table.