Tiger Canada

Tiger Canada is committed to bringing you a wide variety of appliances for your personal and commercial needs


Tiger products are well renowned for their high quality and reliability in all domestic and commercial kitchens.


Tiger Products produce the greatest tasting food that make you come back for more.

Tiger's rich and long history
has proven quality and lasting products
that remain to satisfy customers
around the modern world today.


Our fully equipped factory, with the most updated equipment, has come out with products which are held to high standards of quality and value. For this reason, we have gained the confidence of our customers. Some examples are the micro processor board inserting machine that enables the maximum use of electronics and automatic mass production system for stainless steel vacuum bottles.

The latest production facilities have contributed greatly in production rationalization and reduction in power. Although the facility is advanced in modern technology, some parts are still manually processed by human hands.

Tiger’s philosophy is not just to mass produce convenient products, but also to make every effort to create them with “beauty,” “joy,” “enjoyment,” and “warmth.”

Tiger products are subjected to a number of severe tests before they are released into the market. One example of testing is to assure a high level of performance and durability for the product. Some of these tests include a durability test for the pouring function of the air pot, an automatic inspection of the inner bottle for perfect heat retention, functional and durable tests for rice cookers and many more.

In addition, there are characteristic testing procedures for products in daily use such as safety checks and durability of the materials used, electric testing, and food sanitation testing.

Tiger’s quality inspections are conducted with the most updated equipment with the intention to evaluate every imaginable situation. Only products that pass this careful testing are offered to our customers.

In concrete terms, the network consists of 11 main branches and sales offices throughout Japan with 1,000 distributorships and 20,000 sales outlets forming one giant unit promoting sales activities of Tiger products.

With this giant network Tiger can contribute to local businesses by providing better promotions and an on-time supply of products as well as offering outstanding service. In most of overseas market, Tiger has been able to offer similar sales activities thanks to our overseas distributors and agents.

Particularly, Tiger started to offer our perfect network in Hong Kong by our own sales company from 1991.

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