TIGER brand products, a 90-year old leader of high-end Japanese kitchen small appliances, kitchen ware, vacuum bottles, thermal wares and commercial restaurants & hospitality products.

Lin's Ceramics

Lin’s Ceramics Studio is a brand name for tea wares as well as the symbol of the pioneer in tea craft and culture.


is the brand name of our OEM products and programs
(Original Equipment Manufacturers),
where we interact new concepts and
products with our associated suppliers
and manufacturers in the Asean.

Asean Collections

Our Asean Collection are
the newest products
provided by our suppliers
from the Asean region


What We Do

We are committed to providing the highest quality products that will meet and exceed your expectations. We strive to provide solutions for all of your food and beverage serving needs as well as sourcing the most beautiful giftware options for your business.

Our Mission

Our promise extends further than just providing world class quality food and beverage equipment and giftware at a reasonable price. For us, it is about providing the ultimate 360 degree service approach; from product delivery to full after-sale service and support. TCD strives to build and maintain strong client relationships, thus ensuring that we have the knowledge to help your business operate smoothly.


We take pride and guarantee that our products are of the highest quality, imported straight from all flavours of Asia. Orient Depot is the sole distributor of Tiger product within Canada, in addition to representing many manufacturers from the Oriental. We currently distribute to over 800 retailers/suppliers located across the nation.

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Highest Grade Quality

The products we import are held the high standards of quality of value. Our award winning products go through various quality control inspections in our facilities before releasing to the market. We stand by these high standards and are proud of it.

Customer Service and Support

We have a fully trained support team to service any concerns or questions from our customers. Each customer that goes through our staff will be satisfied with our professional and reliable service.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The service and products we provide are of the highest concern to us, our number one priority is to uphold the satisfaction of our customers and clients.

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